Death to Chicken Finger People

Yes, you read that title correctly, Chicken Finger People. It's a term a few buddies and I came up with a while back. It was originally chicken finger chicks, but it's expanded after several conversations with some female friends. It was first just a theory, but now it's become a law.  


 *This is an opinionated piece, with the intention not to offend, but to voice my personal opinion. Crying, whinging and/or abuse is prohibited. If you are easily offended, please stop here.

 Let me just jump right into it. A chicken finger person is a person that always looks for chicken tenders or wings regardless of the restaurant they are at. You go to an Italian spot and they don't want pasta. You go to a hot Mexican joint and they don't want fajitas. No, they are looking for chicken tenders or chicken wings. Example: Recently someone suggested to a friend that they go to Houstons, a nice restaurant, because they had great chicken tenders. What the heck! They can't be serious! Sadly, this is the life many of us live. 

The theory, which is now law, behind it is that you can tell so much about a person's personality simply by what they eat. Ordering chicken fingers tells you a lot about this person. 

Disclaimer 2:  I like chicken tenders just like the next guy but they have its time and place.  

1. Close minded 

Closed minded people aren't receptive to new ideas or new information. They generally won't try anything new. Anything new is either considered bad or weird and they prefer their own comfort zone. This is not a person you would necessarily want to build a future with unless you share the same exact thoughts. Maybe it's a fear thing, I'm not quite sure. I tell my 7 year old daughter that she can't possibly tell me she doesn't like a particular food when she's never tried it. I have adopted a phrase I heard on the show Yo Gabba Gabba, "Try it, You might like it". 

2. Stubborn 

Some think being stubborn and being closed minded are the same, but they aren't necessarily. I see stubborn people as people that are resistant to change and closed minded people resistant to new information. For the most part, people order food that they've had before and they are comfortable with. Nothing wrong with that. I do it at time. There comes a time when you have to embrace change. Some are better at this than others. Being resistant to change is never a good quality when dating a person. That's how we grow as individuals.

  3. Lack of experience/culture

Lets face the facts, America is a huge melting pot of lots of different cultures. There's really no getting around that. Though I don't get into racial controversy, I do believe that learning from and respecting other cultures and traditions, is ideal in understanding why people do what it is that they do. 

My mom made sure my sisters and I went to schools that were mixed racially because she wanted us to have that experience of working with different types of people. It was invaluable. My dad also wanted us to go to really nice places from time to time and also places that black kids rarely went, like the time we with to DollyWood yet had never really heard a country song before. Strangely, my dad had this odd fascination with moving the family to Montana and starting a farm. Very weird guy. Haha.

Having culture makes you a better well rounded person. I always say life is about balance. Someone that's never gotten much culture, which doesn't mean they aren't a good person, does tend to make them more stubborn and close minded. 

 Tip:  If you're out on a date and they order chicken fingers/wings, don't panic! Simply say, hey let's try something new. If they refuse, well it's time to run for the hills.  

In closing, next time you're out at a new restaurant or maybe one you really like, try something different. You might find a new favorite. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Sadly I hear many people say there's nowhere to eat in the city when, in reality, they just don't try anything or any place new. I dare you to try a new spot out and a completely new dish. I double dog dare you! Leave the chicken tenders and wings until after at least 3 dates. 



Michael B.  

Life is for Living