Martin Luther King Jr Day

It's MLK day! I'm currently at work, but I did consider taking off. At the moment, I couldn't turn down the holiday pay, but I plan to leave early so that I can participate in the festivities around the city.  

Today I've sat and reflected about some things going on in the city. How much progress has been made since the Civil Rights Movement. How much more diverse are we now. How closer we are to real equality. 

I can say that things are far different now then when my dad was my age in Memphis. Aside from technology, my dad told me of a vastly different vibe from Memphis. He spoke about how he had to go in through back doors of restaurants and had to sit in a different section in movie theaters. He told me how my grandmother worked as a maid in someone else's home yet wasn't allowed to even have dinner with them. I can't even begin to image how I would feel to have a "colored only" water fountain or not have friends from different cultures and races.  

So while it seems that things are getting better, there's still a lot more to be done. Sometimes progress moves slow and it seems that it's barely budging but when I listen to my dad talk about his childhood, I have to remember that change isn't always swift. "The race is not always given to the swift" , a phrase my mom would always say, rings true. 

So today I thank Dr Martin Luther King Jr for all of his work towards bringing not only African Americans equality, but people of all races and cultures. I'm a fan of the golden rule and I truly believe that everyone should treat others the way that they want to be treated. It would make the city and the world a much better place. 


Life is for Living,  

michael b.