One and Only BBQ Review!!

Ok, I'm about to say something that will possibly get me shunned in Memphis....Keep in mind this is solely my opinion and I'm certainly open to having my opinion changed...


There.....I said it....Ok, there are no BBQ assassins after me at the moment, but as the week progresses, I can't guarantee my safety. 


I've had BBQ at pretty much every joint in the city and I have a high BBQ IQ. I demand a certain taste as most Memphians do. We are all basically BBQ experts and our opinions of what makes it great is basically the same. #1 rule is it has to be pork. That goes without question. #2, it's all about that sauce, yet it can't be overly saucy...Why? Refer to rule #1.


I love this little piglet at the front counter!

One and Only hits both of these rules square on the head, though they also offer Beef ribs for those that insist on being different or that don't eat pork. I was first introduced to One and Only not because of the BBQ, but because of the potato salad that they make. I happened to be at the Memphis Botanical Garden for a Moonshine Tasting a few years ago and One and Only BBQ catered the event. I had never heard of them and turned my nose to them.  As I walked past one of the servers insisted that I at least try to potato salad. I'm not a fan of potato salad at all, but I said hey what the heck. BOOM! POW! ZAP! Yes, that's literally what was going on in my head. It was like an old Batman comic was firing off my tastebuds. 

Little did I know but One and Only has been around since 2007. They were bought out in 2012 by Adam Katzen and Joel Banes from the original owners and transformed it into what it is today. They have two locations in Memphis. The first location is 1779 Kirby Parkway beside Tropical smoothie and the new location is located 567 Perkins Extended right next to the train tracks and the Oak Court Mall, both are locally owned and operated. 


General Manager, Prince

I was greeted my the general manager Prince at the Perkins location. I thought I was personable until I met this guy. I have totally met my match in the positive vibes department. He was very attentive and really enjoyed showing me around. Hey Adam and Joel, if you're reading this, give Prince a huge raise! That guy is awesome! I heard from a reliable source that if you're nice enough, he will hook you up with some of his amazing pork skins! Tell him One901 sent you!

OK, here's the best part....THE FOOD PICS!! NO DESCRIPTION NEEDED!!!!

Dry rub ribs with baked beans and greens!

Smoked drummies and smoked wings along with that incredible twice baked potato salad!!

Millie's Banana Pudding!! Homemade Daily from scratch! 

One and Only BBQ is my favorite BBQ restaurant in Memphis so far and I highly recommend them if you're looking for some great BBQ. They also cater events big and small and they have affordable prices. They give large portions and the sides are great. I'm not going to go into the deviled eggs that are simply heaven....see what I did right there? 

Go check them out and tell me how your experience was! Get out and try something different! Go check out the menu by clicking HERE and check their Facebook page by clicking HERE

Life is for Living,

Michael B.