A Hilarious Evening with LOL Memphis

The hostess with the mostest, Latoya Polk

I got the chance to go out to Chuckles Comedy House to see an improv show put on by LOL Memphis. This particular improv group is hosted by Memphian Latoya Polk. She's the first woman in Memphis to host her own comedy show, start an Improv Comedy troupe, and first woman to have a show hosted at a comedy club, Chuckles Comedy House. Pretty impressive for this young lady. 

The ladies of LOL Memphis

The show requires lots of audience participation, so be prepared to get out of your seat and get involved in the show. The comedy ranges from light hearted and fun to down right raunchy! This particular evening that I went, the cast was an all female one and they held it down! I had a hard time taking pictures and video because I was dying laughing the majority of the time. 

Ok from there things got really heated up! I learned how to make gourmet Ramen noodles! Who knew I had been doing it wrong my whole life? 

After that, I saw what has to be the funniest therapy session that has ever included the world's worst twerking effort! 

And then there was the crowd fashion show, which is not for the sensitive or the faint of heart. The audience has to model while the casts judges their outfit...I'm so glad i wasn't asked to come up on that stage! 

Slideshow from the show

If you're looking for some great comedy then give LOL Memphis a shot. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the show. Best of all, the show was just $10!! Sounds like a great date idea!! WINK WINK HINT HINT. 

The next show is scheduled for Feb 22nd at Chuckles Comedy House. Check out the LOL Facebook page for more videos and event details by clicking HERE

Life is For Living,

Michael B.