twelve bar!

 I was asked to come by twelve bar and check it out. I've heard about it, but i had never actually been. I figured it was just going to be another bar on Beale that was a tourist pit, but it was actually live! I really enjoyed myself. Twelve Bar is located on the second floor of Jerry Lee Lewis Cafe on Beale Street. 



I was overly impressed by the atmosphere. It was actually refreshing. Jerry Lee Lewis is not really my scene, but twelve bar is a place I would want to hang with some friends or mingle and make new ones. It just has a totally different vibe from what i was expecting. It's not like the typical club that happens to have a bar. It's the complete opposite. I don't know why but i was drawn to the chandelier over the staircase...maybe it's my artist side shining through. Regardless, it's impressive. I might have sat and looked at it for a solid 10 minutes. I'm sure someone thought i was nuts. 

Enough about the chandelier, did I mention that it was live! You have 3 distinct areas. The first is the actual bar, which had a huge crowd but short wait times, the most important thing about any bar. The drinks were on point! No one wants a watered down drink, but these were nice. I'm normally a whiskey and Sprite kind of guy, which isn't always the hardest drink to make. I have had it messed up a few times, but they were consistently mixed right. 

The second area is the dance floor. I don't have the most rhythm in the world, but I did dance a bit. It wasn't the best, but hey I had a few cocktails so it seemed like the right thing to do. The DJ played a great mix of party music, no slow jams! 

The third part is twelve bar is the outside patio. It's perfect for people watching. You can see pretty much all of Beale Street from it. It was very cold on my trip, so I didn't get a chance to enjoy it. I will definitely have to go back in the spring to sit out and lounge and watch the people go by with a nice cocktail in my hand. 

In closing, if you're wanting to try a new spot on Beale or have some family in town looking for a great place to have a drink and dance the night away, head over to Twelve Bar! Tell them Mike from one901 sent you! Trust me, you'll have an awesome time! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.