99 Cent Soul Food Express Pop Up Review

      So today I had a craving for some soul food for lunch. Memphis has some awesome soul food places and I have my go to favorites to satisfy my taste buds, but today I decided to try a new place. I've heard a lot of people talk about a new restaurant on Main St, 99 cent Soul Food Express. 

I must admit that the name of this establishment could be a bit misleading. When I first heard of it, I instantly thought  "Oh snap!! Soul food for just 99 cents!!" Sadly, that's not the case. Everything is not 99 cents. Only the sides are 99 cents.....clever marketing. 

I have to be 100% honest about this place. I won't say only great things about places that I don't truly feel are good.  I will say that the food is decent. I had the smothered pork chop, lima beans, and dressing.....oh and a cup of lemonade. All for the cost of $13.07.

Yes you read the right! $13.07!

I can’t believe I paid $13.07 for lunch and I’m still hungry afterwards

Let's be real here. the pork chop alone was $6.99. I literally paid $7 for 1 pork chop. Just 1. Growing up, I always ate 2 pork chops and I'm pretty sure you can go to your local Kroger and get 4 pork chops for $7. Maybe even less. So were these the best smothered pork chops I've ever had? Not really. I did like the gravy. It's definitely made from scratch. 

Moving on, the dressing isn't considered a side. It's $2 for 1 scoop. This also applies to Mac and Cheese. The only thing I had that was actually 99 cents, were the lima beans. They were pretty tasty. My mom would be so proud of me for actually getting lima beans. 

Again, I paid $13.07.....for lunch!

The interior was very clean and the staff was awesome. Kinda felt like I was at home or a family reunion, until the guy who would be my uncle hit me with the bad news that I would have to pay $13.07 in order to come over. 

I still can’t believe that meal cost me $13.07

I have to give them a thumbs up for some great lemonade, which is $2, and being in a great location. I don't believe there are any other soul food spots on Main Street. Keep in mind, they do have cheaper options like fried and baked chicken, but I was really wanting something other than those choices. I actually was torn between the pork chops and the meatloaf. The meatloaf is also was $7. Yeah I know. 

As I was walking out of the restaurant, 2 ladies were getting out of a car and asked how my experience was. They seemed like they were looking to try 99 Cent Soul Food out for lunch. I had to be completely honest with them about my experience. They asked if I knew of any other soul food places nearby. I sent them to The Four Way. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.