The Reason I Am A Veteran

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

I want to personally thank each and every service member that has served in the Armed Forces! Thank you so much for your sacrifice and service!! 

Hey kid. Wanna see the world?

I'm a veteran myself (Go Navy!). I served from 2001-2005. My journey to the armed forces was possibly unlike any other. I wanted to join based upon 2 things. The first being my dad was a Marine and had this awesome uniform that he was so proud of. The second is this picture below;

That's my dad in that uniform he was so proud of! Handsome guy, right? 

That's my dad in that uniform he was so proud of! Handsome guy, right? 

My dad has always been my biggest hero and the stories he told me about his time in the military were everything to me growing up. So naturally, I wanted to join, but there was one problem. No, not my mom being overprotective, but my dad didn't want me to be a Marine. I always thought it was because maybe he didn't think I was tough enough. I was the only son with 4 sisters, but my dad also had this weird foreshadowing ability. 

As I sat in the living room with about 6 of my high school friends, my dad came in and asked what we planned to do after we graduated. None of us really had a plan at all sadly. My dad goes to the bedroom and comes out with that uniform and let's us all try it on. That was pretty much all that needed to be done! We all signed up the next day. Most went with the Marines, some Air Force, and some Navy. 

My dad chose the Air Force for me. The funny thing is when we go to the recruiter's office and they were closed! My dad whispers, "That's typical. They don't do real work anyways." Next thing I know, a Navy recruiter pokes his head out the door and says "Hey kid! Wanna see the world?" My response, "Hell yeah!"And that was all she wrote. I signed up and left out. 

You’re too smart to be a damn Marine!
— Poppa Bear

About that foreshadowing ability my dad had, I was 3 weeks into boot camp when the Sept 11th attacks happened. I got a letter from my dad a few days later saying remember what i told you about not being a Marine? I thanked him and asked if it was because he didn't think i was tough enough. He wrote back saying, "Son you're tough enough, but you're too smart to be a damn Marine!" My dad always did have a great sense of humor! 

Here are a few pics of my Dad when he was in the Marines. He was a pretty cool dude! 

Life is for Living and being Thankful,

Michael B.