So it's Sunday Funday and I had a few Man-mosas from Brad at Blind Bear and wasn't ready to go home. What do you do in Memphis? If you're like me, then you're hitting the event sections of Facebook or the Memphis Flyer trying to find something interesting. 

Just when I had given up hope, something magically came across my phone...Lucha Libre! Yes, Lucha Libre! If you need a translation, it's Spanish for wrestling or Wrasslin here in the South. I've always wanted to go to a wrestling event and I love seeing the drama of the Lucha Libre acts I had seen on TV. So I said screw it, let's go see some wrasslin'!

The event was held at El Mercadito de Memphis on Ridgeway in East Memphis. Upon walking in, I noticed this place was basically like a mall. There were all sorts of booths and different vendors everywhere. I even got my new niece a Messi onesie! I just spoiled that Christmas surprise. 

I had some time before the match so I did a little site seeing inside. I love the artwork and pageantry of the Spanish culture. Everything was so beautiful. Lucky for you, I take my camera everywhere! I ventured into a candle shop that also sold figurines of Death and the Virgin Mary! 

I was so wrapped up in the culture that I almost bought a pair of snakeskin boots and a Cowboy hat! I think I looked rather dashing in that hat! 

I think I could rock this hat!


The match was taking place in a back warehouse section of the building. I was a little hesitant to go back there because I don't speak Spanish and it looked kinda sketch, but everyone was really cool and there was a legit wrestling ring!

Ok this is legit!

The luchadors or wrestlers were awesome! There was the customary smack talk before each fight as well as some fans arm wrestling in the ring. Sadly, no one brought out chairs, tables or blew fire on anyone like Jerry Lawler used to do. 

Then came Antonio! This Luchador was a great showman, but sadly he lost to a guy that was dressed like the green Power Ranger. The crowd really wanted Antonio to win and he had the respect and admiration of all, but sadly he was defeated in battle. I will always remember Antonio. Brave, strong, and really cool outfit. He will always be a champion to me!


I had a great time at the Lucha Libre match. It was awesome and everything I hoped it would be. I wish I could have just once been able to jump from the ropes. That would have made it the best day ever! Maybe next time! Maybe next time Antonio will win and all the pretty ladies will throw roses at his feet! Wishful thinking maybe...

Life is for Living,

Michael B. 

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