Wine, Whiskey and Chocolates in the Garden!

I had the opportunity to go to an amazing event at the Memphis Botanic Garden; Whiskey, Wine and Chocolates presented by Strategic Resource Management. This was an awesome experience not only because it featuring chocolates by Memphis' own Phillip Ashley, but because it was at the beautiful Memphis Botanic Garden. 

It's always nice to get dressed up and spend an evening in the garden. What better way to enjoy that than with Wine, Whiskey and Chocolate? The Memphis Botanic Garden is more than just beautiful, well manicured flowers. It also boasts some incredible artwork. The current exhibit on display is Light and Shadows by Agustin Diaz and Francisco Gonzalez.

This sold out event did not disappoint at all and the pairings were well thought out. Who knew that Wiseacre Brewery's Gotta get up to get Down paired so well with Crescendo chocolates? My favorite pairing was actually a 2 way tie between the Belle Meade Bourbon paired with Nice and Neat and Dionysus paired with Love Pinot Noir. Everything was great and you'll find it very hard to find any Phillip Ashley Chocolate that you don't like. 

My favorite part of the events in Memphis hands down is seeing the Memphians out and about. Memphis is home to some great looking people that love to get out and support the city. I think they secretly loved the idea of wine and whiskey as well, but they looked amazing doing so! 

All in all, this was an incredible event. I met some great people, tasted some amazing chocolates paired with some incredible spirits, and and got to see some great floral and artwork. I encourage you to get out and experience Memphis Botanic Garden. 


Starting March 29th, Botanic Garden will feature Vine to Wine at the Garden. A monthly wine tasting running through October. I will make sure to remind you guys of the dates. you can click HERE for more details and dates as well. 

I've attended these in the past and I must admit they are very nice events that feature food from local businesses. This is where i was introduced to the amazing One and Only BBQ. Also, it's a great place to take a date..hint, hint. Come on it's wine, food and around flowers and can be a great place to go mingle or spark that flame!!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.