Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!! We are back at it again. Another week. One could look at the new week as a new opportunity or as a total drag. Perception is everything. Here's a wrap up of my weekend. Maybe it will make you feel better, maybe it won't. Who knows. 

I found this door knocker very interesting. 

I found this door knocker very interesting. 

My Friday was initially planned earlier in the week, but my plans totally changed when my father was hospitalized. So I had to put some things to the side in order to be there. He was released Friday and I was able to salvage some plans. My Friday consisted of the Trolley Night, which happens on the last Friday of each month in the South Main district. 

I made a stop by Sache on Main and had a great conversation with Bubba Buxton. He even let me see the printing press. I also met up with my good friends Darin and Staci. There was also this cute little dog sporting one of Sashe 901 tees. 

From Sache, we headed North on Main and I ran across El Mero Taco foodtruck. This is one of my favorite trucks and I'm addicted to the fried chicken taco they have. 

We proceeded up Main and decided to stop by Green Beetle. We were joined by my good friend Mikey and one of his friends. 

Saturday was also a great day. I took a few engagement photos for my cousin and I went by Rec Room and Wiseacre Brewery. Went and had a drink on the patio of Stranos in the Cooper Young area and had some fantastic fried olives. I also went to a fellow Memphis Downtown Neighborhood Association member Fonda's birthday bash. 

Sunday was a mainly lazy day for. I shot some more pictures for my cousin. I stopped by Hog and Hominy for a John T Burger, which is probably one of the best burgers you can get in Memphis. And I capped the night off with Memphis Pizza Cafe and The Walking Dead while editing pics from the shoot.  

It was a great weekend and I look forward to this week! Have a great week Memphis!!

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.