Memphis Black Restaurant Week: Onix

The second stop of Memphis' Black Restaurant Week was Onix, which is located at 412 S Main Street in the heart of Downtown. It's in a perfect location! A nice stroll from both The Orpheum and Beale Street. I have been to Onix before, but only for the live music they feature Thursday through Saturday. 


The atmosphere of Onix is top-notch. the artwork and lighting is truly the highlight of the venue. It's as if you've walked into an art gallery that features the smooth melodic groove of neo-soul music. If I had to image Jill Scott's home, I would think it would be similar to this. There's also ample seating and a small stage upfront for the night's entertainment. 

For this trip I was accompanied by Justin Harrison of Dine01 and also the President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Mickell Lowery. We each tried to get something different to really experience what would be offered to the customers patronizing for the week. 


Main Course


I have to be completely honest when it comes to my much as I love to remain completely positive, I can't say that the experience was the best I've ever had. I will say that the atmosphere was the best part of the trip, though the appetizers were very decent. Contrary to the stigma, the service was actually pretty good. The server, Tara, was very nice and friendly and explained the menu perfectly. 

It was the little things that left much to be the white toast instead of having rolls or some other type of bread. Also, the garnish around my chicken was a bit over the top, but I saw that there was an effort put into making the dish look more visually appealing. The food was neither particularly good or was just food. It was easy to forget. I don't know if that is an accurate description, but when I left Onix I was still on the hunt for something more satisfying to eat. 

From speaking to others, I hear that the chicken and waffles is the best dish that they offer. I wish Onix featured that dish on the Black Restaurant Week menu. I'm plan to go back soon and try this dish out. I'm hopeful I will have a better experience on my next trip. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.