Mobb Deep and a Pub Run?

So I went over to The Brass Door for their Pub Run, which is put on monthly by Fleet Feet. It's a 3K run that takes a tour around downtown. The run started with a few brews before and concluded with a few after. Unlike most Pub Runs, Fleet Feet really encourages the participants to mix and mingle and network. It's more of a hangout than just an ordinary run. I didn't run in this one, but I definitely will on the next pub run. Here's a slide show.

As the runners did the hard work, I dipped inside Brass Door for a bite to eat. The were featuring 2 for 1 Fish and Chips, so I couldn't pass that up. They don't have tons of seasoning, but that's a good thing to me because it tastes more traditional. The chips, aka fries, are really really good too. I also had to wash it down with a Fireside Ninja from local brewery Memphis Made Brewery! What a great combo!

The runners finished the race a lot quicker than I expected but the race was still at a light pace and a nice run for all skill levels. It wasn't timed, but the first 25 to cross the finish line were awarded with a free beer! Can you really beat that? If you're interested in participating in one of Fleet Feet's Pub Runs, the next one will be held at Celtic Crossing on April 19th.  They take place every third Tuesday of each month at different locations. 

After the Pub Run, I slid down to Midtown's Young Ave Deli for the Mobb Deep concert. I was a big Mobb Deep fan back in the day. Who didn't like Quiet Storm or Shook Ones? Normally I'm not a fan of the opening acts, but these cats called Hippy Soul really got my attention. These guys were the definition of energy! They were jumping around and really engaged the crowd. I'm no fan of today's version of rap, but these dudes were able to blend the energy charge trap music beats with the lyricism of the subsonic era. It was a very good blend. Check them out if you get a chance. Remember the name: HIPPY SOUL.

Also, there was a rapper that goes by Marco Pave. This guy was nice as well....long winded but nice lol. He went on for quite some time, but hey you gotta seize the opportunity when it presents itself. I can't be mad at that. He actually brought quite the following and crew. He definitely has some good lyrical content. 

So I have to be honest....I didn't actually get a chance to see Mobb Deep. They went on later than i had anticipated and I had to leave. But I met a very cool and very dedicated photographer named Catherine Evans at the show. She got the shots of Mobb Deep for me. She does some great work. Check her work out at HERE 

Hey it was a great Tuesday in Memphis! It was action packed and definitely a fun evening. I encourage you to all check out my "Week Ahead" posts for the up and coming events around town. Don't forget to subscribe and, follow me on Facebook and IG. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.