SneakFest 4

On Saturday, I headed over to the Agricenter for Sneakfest 4, a huge gathering of sneakerheads looking to buy, sell, and trade the latest and greatest kicks as well as find those rare gems. I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the newer shoes that are out now, but I can appreciate the classics like the Nike Airmax 95 or the Reebok Questions. 

Jerry Khammavong, Reginald Jones, Adam Ghueder, & Sherman Harper

I must admit to I underestimated the amount of people that were into sneakers. There were literally 1000s of people at this event, not including the vendors. People were dragging suit cases and trashbags filled with sneakers to this event. There were people from all walks of life. Young, old, black, white, Asian. It was truly a melting pot. 

The highlight of SneakFest, in my opinion, was seeing an actual real pair of Nike Mags aka the Marty McFlys from the movie Back to the Future 2! I have a special love for these shoes because I loved the movie so much and I really wanted a hoverboard. Tony, the owner of these highly coveted sneakers, came all the way from Atlanta to steal the trophy away. 

I went looking for the only sneakers I have wanted my whole life, a pair of Nike Airmax 95s in grey and blue, but I didn't see any. That just means I will have to come back later in the year to the next event! I really enjoyed the crew that put on the event(pictured above), the vendors, and the crowd. It was awesome and I can't wait until the next SneakFest! 

Here's a gallery of all the pics I took from SneakFest!

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Life is for Living,

Michael B.