Already thinking of the weekend

Most people wonder what is happening over the weekend or what I will be doing. Honestly I rarely plan things out, I just let life and the night lead me. So here are a few things I'm considering and maybe you can join in as well.  

Cognac, Cars, & Cigars 


There's a 3000% chance I will be here! Come  on it incorporates 3 things I really, really like! Plus, a portion of all tickets sales go to Make-A-Wish Mid South! So you get to enjoy yourself while also supporting a great cause. It's a no brainer and a win win. There will be food provided by Sweet Potato Baby, Three Guys Pizza Pies, Chef 4 ADay Catering, Li’Dora Desserts, and Jim & Samella’s House. 

You can get tickets and more info by clicking --------HERE!  

Night Shift: 80s in the Air 


I went to check out Weightless Aerial last month and it was amazing! They are having another show Friday at 1130pm at Theater Works on Monroe. This one is 80s themed!! And you can dress up!! What!! Might have to pull out my white blazer for this one. Plus I simply adore Callie Compton and Katrina Coleman! 

I would describe it as a circus and a theater had a baby and that baby went on to have a great and prosperous life and then the baby decided to do something epic and boom!!! Weightless Aerial was that epic thing! Get tickets------HERE


Wine Tasting at Quench  

Theres a free wine tasting at Quench Downtown Friday from 530-730. Keywords are WINE and FREE!!  Quench is located at 99 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103


#5FridaysofJazz @MemphisLibrary

The Levitt Shell is helping you get into the spirit of International Jazz month with 5 FREE Friday's of Jazz in the courtyard of the Memphis Main Library. Did I mention that it's free??!! There's really no excuse you can give not to go. 


Grizzlies Vs Jazz 


Going to see the Memphis Grizzlies play the Utah Jazz on Friday. My friend Mikey decided he wasn't going to pay me back for the Birmingham Bowl ticket and offered great seats to this game...depending on how close we sit, it could be a great swap. Hopefully he comes through in the clutch, but then again it's Mikey! Lol.  


 Ok so that's the things I've planned on doing, but I'm sure other things will pop up like a Sunday Funday outing or randomly crashing a party. Who knows. What are your plans for the weekend? Drop a comment to tell me what you have going on or an event I could come check out!! 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.