More than Just a Game

So most people head to FedEx Forum to watch the hometown  Memphis Grizzlies take on the best of the best of the NBA, but I decided on this trip that I would check out a few of the food offerings. Of course I wanted to see the Grizzlies play the San Antonio Spurs, but food is my life! I think there's a few people that aren't as interested in the game, but are more interested in the food and bars. 

Please excuse the flash lol.

My first stop was to the Draft Room, which is located on the Club level.  What better way to start my adventure than to go to a bar for a quick cocktail? The bar area features ample seating and some of the better views of the arena. The server was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the local brews. I always test the servers! 

I ordered a whiskey and Sprite. Very original and not a drink that's hard to make. It came in a plastic cup, which was a bit disappointing since this was the Club Level, but I do understand it was more than likely for safety reasons. Can't have people dropping glasses all over the place. The drink was made with Sierra Mist instead of Sprite and was more Sierra Mist than whiskey. It was a different taste than I was used to. Not bad, just very different. 

My next stop was the 4/4 Grille, which is also on the Club Level.  I spoke with the manager and asked her what the specialty was. In unison, all the staff yelled out the Buffalo Chicken Fries. I must say this was very much worth it! It was a bed of waffle cut fries topped with buffalo chicken strips, cheese, onions, and bleu cheese crumbles! This is something you must get!! It's pretty spicy, so get something to cool your mouth off. It's enough for 2 people as well!

Buffalo Chicken Fries from 4/4 Grille

Buffalo Chicken Fries from 4/4 Grille

The next stop was to Memphis' own, Rendezvous. Come on people. There's no way you can go to any arena in Memphis' without getting some BBQ nachos! It's a rite of passage! You haven't experienced an event without them. It's pretty much a law. Don't break the law people!  

The BBQ from Rendezvous was good as always. As a true Memphian, I opted for the pork, but they also offer chicken as well. I also stuffed my face with a sausage and cheese plate. Something so simple, yet so fulfilling! 

At this point, I was completely stuffed, but I'm no quitter and I had to keep pushing! I ended up on the Event Level and stopped by the Horseshoe Club featuring Kelly English. Now this is the spot that amazed me the most! The atmosphere was incredible! I will let the pictures do the talking for this spot. One of the walls has windows that look out the the tunnel leading to the locker rooms! That was the most amazing part of it all! I was briefly here for a quick cocktail and a parfait! 

I found my second wind after I left the Horseshoe Club and ended up at Jet's Pizza! I'm not the biggest pizza fan, but the smells were intoxicating. Jet's is on the Plaza Level. The pizza was decent, but again I'm not the biggest fan of any pizza. Trust me, I get funny looks whenever I mention that I don't care for pizza! 

Next up was another quick cocktail! I probably didn't need it because the Uber driver got to hear my rendition of Prince's Purple Rain! Nevertheless, I had another! I stopped by the 901, which is also on the Plaza Level. 901! How fitting!!

At this point, I decided to call it a night, but I had one last stop to make! I had to go by The Creamery! You can't wrap up dinner without any dessert. I couldn't muster the energy to eat the ice cream, but there was a little kid that gladly took my ice cream off my hands for me. 

It was time to go home at this point. I didn't want to see another plate, cup, or even fork! It was time for some sleep! While I love sports and the FedEx Forum is an awesome place to watch them, there's a lot more going on than just the game. It's more than Just a Game! It's actually a really cool place to hang out with friends at a bar or for a different type of date night. I really enjoyed my experience and the opportunity to be able to try most of the spots out. Yes, I only tasted the tip of the iceberg! There are lots more places to eat and have a drink. 

I encourage you to go to the FedEx Forum and make it a day! Go cheer on the Memphis Grizzlies to victory and also enjoy some good food and drinks! Also, it's a great place for people watching! You're sure to see some of Memphis' finest!!

I want to give a special thanks to the Grizzlies PR department for helping make this story possible!! You guys are great!!! It was the opportunity of a lifetime!!

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.