Cognac, Cars, and Cigars

I got the opportunity to attend iHeartMedia's 1st Cognac, Cars, and Cigars event, which was held over the past weekend. The event brought out some of Memphis' finest and the event was also for a great cause, Make-A-Wish MidSouth. The weather was perfect and the venue was fantastic. The event was held on the rooftop of Lee's Landing parking Garage, which is the garage next to The Westin and a hop, skip and a jump from FedEx Forum.  


The event featured some of the most desired cars on the road, some of the better cigars you can find, and of course cognac. Lots and lots of cognac. Hennessy brought out all the good stuff for this one, including Hennessy Black and Hennessy Privilege!

Random fact: Did you know that Cognac is made from grapes? Did you know it also only comes from one type of grape in the Cognac region of France? The more you know! 


The Rides

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Bentley Mulsanne







Event Coordinators Caroline Reeves, Candace Price & Caroline Hall

Radio Personalities

All in all, this was an amazing event that I feel was very successful. It's definitely one that I would love to see become an annual occurrence. For a first event, it was well put together and I can certainly see the room for growth. Memphis doesn't have a lot of events that allow you get all dressed up and enjoy an evening on a rooftop while seeing some incredible cars with drinks flowing and a live band. If you missed this years Cognac, Cars, and Cigars, you truly missed out on something special. Next year, don't delay!!

I would like to thank everyone over at iHeartMedia for allowing me to come out and participate in this event. Also a very special thank you to event coordinator Caroline Hall for all her help and putting up with my emails! You're awesome Caroline! I can't wait for the next one!

 The highlight for me honestly was getting to meet K97 personality Big Sue...Yo Gotti says that it goes down in the DM, so I might have run to Instagram lol. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.