LBOE Review

I went to one of my favorite burger spots in Memphis, LBOE! LBOE stands for Last Burger On Earth. A very confident proclamation that is hard to discredit once you've actually had one of their burgers.  Started back in Oct of 2014, LBOE is the sister company of TJ Mulligans. I knew this would be a big undertaking so I brought along some help. I brought my good friend Phelan and his son, Little Pee. I knew LBOE would be good, but could they stand up to a 4 year old? That's not always the easiest thing to pull off. 


You will instantly notice, when walking in, that LBOE is truly a Midtown establishment. It's got that vibe that is perfect for just hanging out inside or out on the huge patio. Also, they have a full bar featuring some great local brews from Wiseacre and Memphis Made. Each Thursday they have a Beat the Clock event that starts at 8pm featuring $1 pints that go up .25 cents every 15 minutes and caps at $3! Now you can't beat that type of deal anywhere!


LBOE Burger

I ended up getting the best selling LBOE burger, which comes with Havarti Cheese, roasted garlic cream cheese, hardwood smoked bacon, green chilis and corn chips. All the ingredients go very well together. It's definitely a must try if you go. Paired with a bag of Zapp's Voodoo chips, you have a great combo. The highlight, in my opinion, is the toasted ciabatta bun. It's needed to handle this size burger! Trust me, it's a large burger! 


My friend Pee had the FattyMelt. Ok this burger is an experience all in itself! It's White & yellow American cheeses, hardwood smoked bacon with lettuce, tomato, shredded lettuce and dill pickle, nestled between two grilled cheese buns....Ok let that sink in. It's a burger nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches! He had it with a bowl of chili and almost finished the whole thing! I was impressed! It's definitely not for the faint of heart. 

I think he likes it!

We also shared an order of loaded fries that came with BBQ Ranch dipping sauce. The sauce was incredible! Little Pee was a huge fan of the fries. He also had chicken tenders that he described as awesome. I think that's a huge approval LBOE! That's about as descriptive as it gets with a little one!

I definitely encourage everyone to give LBOE a shot. I'm sure you will be impressed! All burger patties can be substituted for turkey or black bean patties, so there's something for all to eat. 

Another cool tidbit is that if you follow the LBOE Instagram page(@lboeburger), they feature a different Burger of the Day each day! Currently there are over 150 in rotation! They are the brainchild of manager Tommy Shive. It's truly something to see each day. The burgers go from tame to extreme! They also have a Burger Challenge each Wednesday that features some of the wildest burgers you can think of!

Also if you go in look for the guy in the Red Sox cap!! That's Tommy! Tell him Mike with one901 sent you!

LBOE is located at 2021 Madison Ave adjacent to The Blue Monkey. Check out the full Menu and other events at

Life is for Living,

Michael B.