Little Italy Review with Dine01

The next stop on the Best Memphis Pizza in April with the guys of Dine01 was Little Italy! This small, local spot packed a mean pizza punch! I was so impressed by the pizza I got from Little Italy. I hadn't heard the best reviews of Little Italy, so I must admit I was a bit hesitant when I was asked to go by Justin.


We were presented with a Pepperoni, Buffalo Chicken and Meatball Parmingiana pizza. Justin had the pepperoni and I basically devoured the meatball parmingiana and buffalo chicken on site! I was really impressed with pizza as a whole. From the not not too soft and not too hard crust, to the slightly sweet sauce, and the ample toppings. It was a very good experience. I will say that the Buffalo Chicken was my favorite of the three, thought the meatball parmingiana wasn't very far behind. 


This was one of the better pizzas that I have had in Memphis. I was equally impressed by the vibe inside Little Italy. It reminded me of what you would expect in an old Italian movie. I wouldn't have been very surprised if there was a few mafia bosses hanging out back eating cannoli (more on that later). It all really went very well together. 

So before I left I had to have some dessert. I got a slice of Italian cheesecake, a cannoli, and some tiramisu. The cheesecake had a slight hint of lime that was really good. The tiramisu was so light and fluffy. It was delightful. Now let's get to the cannoli situation. It was literally one of the best I've ever had! Please try that cannoli!!

If you're in the mood for a great local pizza with a vibe of The GodFather and great dessert, please do yourself a favor and give Little Italy a try. Here's a video of the review I did with Justin Harrison of Dine01. You can also check out their other videos by clicking HERE

Little Italy is located at 1495 Union Ave at the corner of Union and Kimbrough Pl. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.