Art by Design

I recently attended Art by Design presented by iBeria Bank benefitting Arts Memphis. If you're unfamiliar with Arts Memphis, they are a group that supports local arts through outreach and various grants. A great organization to get behind because the arts are so very important not only for the community, but also for the individual mind.  You can check out all the amazing things that ArtsMemphis does at

Is that not a cool sign?

Is that not a cool sign?

Art By Design featured some of the most sought after interior designers in the area showing off their impressive skills. It did not disappoint at all! I was blown away. This was a truly impressive event. Art By Design was held at Propcellar on Summer Ave, which is an antique rental company. I so love that Memphis is progressing beyond the norm and featuring some amazingly cool venues and places! You definitely have to check out the place to really appreciate it. It would make a great place for a party or photo shoot....hint hint! Check at Propcellar at

Each designers featured a separate "vignette" to express their talents. I was pleasantly surprised and I found some ideas for my own space that I would like to implement. I've included the designers rooms with some the pieces that I really caught my eye. 

Lisa Mallory

Lisa Mallory Interior Design - 3080 Poplar Ave - 901.425.5575


Cameron Howell and Sarah Spinosa

Cameron Howell Interior Design - 3080 Poplar Ave - 901.409.6793

Sarah Spinosa Interior Design - 3080 Poplar Ave - 901.581.1040


Christian Nelius

ANNO DOMINO (art and design) - 4886 Briarcliff Rd - 901.692.0096


Laura Davis and Whitney Joiner

Ray & Baudion Interior Designer - 169 Racine St - 901.791.0138


Jenna Wallis

Jenna Wallis Interior Design - 60 St. Albans Fairway - 901.679.0563

Ann Parker

Parker Design Studio - 5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 1503 - 901.761.3666


Gwen Driscoll

Driscoll Design and Decoration - 632 S Perkins Rd - 901.767.1340


Shawn Matthews

Ray & Baudion Interior Designer - 169 Racine St - 901.791.0138

Selena McAdams

Spruce - 5040 Sanderlin Ave, Suite 103 - 901.682.5513


Suzanne Varner

Suzanne Varner Interior Design - 169 Racine St - 901.791.0138

Missy Steffens

M. Steffens Interiors - 4277 Grandview Ave - 901.481.3357

Biggs Powell & Gracey Smythe

1698 Monroe Ave - 901.725.5225

159 King Street, Charleston, SC - 843.718.2428

Please reach out to these incredible interior designers as some of the pieces are still available! This event truly opened my eyes up to the wonders of interior design. It was an honor to be amongst some of the most creative minds in the city. It goes to show what supporting the arts can truly do! So please check out these designers, as well as ArtsMemphis, and support not only the arts, but local Memphis businesses! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.