A Sunday Funday with the Crew

I have some great friends. Most of us don't talk each day or even live in the same city, but when we talk or see each other, its like there was no time lost. I love it! There are times we argue and even that's cool. I know they have my back just like I have theirs. They are more like family than just friends. Rather than bore you with words, I'm just gonna post some pics from our Sunday Sunday, which started with brunch at Slider Inn and ended with a couple of them swimming in the Mississippi River! 

So shout out to KP(Scrappy), Pee, Rico Fasho Tho, Twoin, Doc, Black, and Mikey. You guys are family. Yes my friends all have nicknames. It's not a real family without nicknames!  

Btw, that's Doc that decided to flip the jet ski and take a dip in the Mississippi River! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.