Lunch at Tastee BBQ

When I'm in the Whitehaven area, I'm always looking for a decent place to go and eat. They don't have lots of choices and I try my hardest to avoid chains or fast food. So today I came across Tastee Bar-B-Que on Brooks Rd. My good friends Mikel and Blake have mentioned them to me before so why not give them a try. 


Walking in gives you that familiar Memphis BBQ shop vibe. A small place that has some Southern charm, older style diner seating, and the intoxicating scent of BBQ. The staff was surprisingly nice considering where this spot is located. It was also very clean with a solid 92 rating from the health department. I never used to read those, but I find myself doing it more now. 


I was in search of a BBQ chicken sandwich, but they only had grilled chicken. So I went with the Memphis standard pulled pork sandwich. The cashier asked if I wanted slaw on it. We briefly stared at each other and laughed a bit. You cannot have a BBQ sandwich without slaw in Memphis! That's just rude!

Regular BBQ sandwich with seasoned fries

I will say that I have had a better BBQ sandwich than this but it was not without it's own merits. I loved the sauce that they used. It was really sweet with a light punch at the end. The BBQ was pretty good. It was juicy and moist. I so hate when the meat is dry and you have to drench it in sauce just to stomach the food. The fries weren't anything to write home about but they were decent. 

Back to the sauce. I really liked this sauce a lot. I'm not a fan of the spicier BBQ sauces out there so the sweet sauce was a pleasant experience. The sauce literally is what makes the sandwich. It takes it from blah to damn this is pretty good. So i would say they do have one of the better sauces I've had.

Would I drive from Downtown Memphis or Collierville to Whitehaven just for Tastee Bar-B-Que...probably not. I will say that I will definitely consider them whenever I'm in the Whitehaven area again. I hear that the breakfast is very good. I will have to try that out before I can cosign that HaHa. 

If you're out in Whitehaven and have a taste for some BBQ, give them a try. Tell me what you think. I dare you to not like their sauce!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.

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