Dine01 - #best901pizza

Yo! One901 is expanding and featuring posts from other Memphis bloggers! Last week, I introduced you to Nikki Chanel, who's giving a fresh take on fashion and beauty. This week I present Justin Harrison and Gerrin Murray, the guys behind the food review show Dine01. They just went on a best pizza search in Memphis. Here's their first post recapping their search! 

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Disclaimer: Dine01 reviewed local spots that allowed us to come in and these results are Dine01's opinion based on the participants. 

Ratings were on a scale of 1-5 for sauce, crust, and toppings. We sampled a traditional and a specialty pizza. The pizza with the highest overall score was crown #best901pizza. 


Aldo's Pizza Pies - 100 South Main

Traditional: Cheese    Specialty: T-Rex

Sauce: 4                   Sauce: 5

Crust: 4                       Crust: 5

Toppings: 5                 Toppings: 5

Total Score: 28

Aldo's was the unamious winner with an almost perfect score of 30! Incredible blend of sauce, crust, and toppings! This is the pizza that's king in Memphis!

Little Italy Pizza - 1495 Union Ave

Traditional: Cheese   Specialty: Meatball Parm

Sauce: 4.5                  Sauce: 5

Crust: 4.5                   Crust: 4.5

Toppings: 4                Toppings: 4

Total Score: 26.5


The wildcard of the bunch, Little Italy Pizza was very impressive. The specialty was great, but the toppings knocked it down a little on the traditional. Still it's a very good pizza pie!

Strano! Sicilian Kitchen and Bar - 948 Cooper Street

Traditional: Pepperoni

Traditional: Pepperoni   Specialty: Pesto Pizza

Sauce: 1.5                     Sauce: 4

Crust: 4                          Crust: 4.5

Toppings: 5                    Toppings: 5


Total Score: 24

Strano! in Midtown fell a little flat on the sauce for the traditional, but came roaring back with the with a mix of good crust and nice toppings. 

Rock N Dough Pizza - 3445 Poplar Ave

Traditional: Cheese and Specialty: Cheeseburger

Traditional: Cheese    Specialty: Cheeseburger

Sauce: 4                    Sauce: 4

Crust: 3.5                    Crust: 3.5

Toppings: 3.5             Toppings: 5

Total Score: 23.5

Rock N Dough had great ingredients on the specialty and a really good sauce. The heralded crust was pretty good, but not great. This was also the priciest pizza of the group. 

Trolley Stop Market - 704 Madison Ave

Traditional: Pepperoni and Specialty: Old McDonald

Traditional:Pepperoni Specialty:Old McDonald

Sauce: 3.5                    Sauce: 3

Crust: 4                        Crust: 3.5

Toppings: 3.3               Toppings: 4.75

Total Score: 21.55

Trolley Stop Market had a good pizza. The crust was pretty good and was able to hold the weight of the Old McDonald. The specialty toppings really shined through!

Broadway Pizza - 2581 Broad Ave

Traditional: Pepperoni  Specialty: Chickatarian

Sauce: 1                         Sauce: 0

Crust: 4                         Crust: 3.5

Toppings: 4.5                Toppings: 5

Total Score: 18

Legendary Broadway Pizza featured great toppings and good crust, but the sauce left a lot to be desired. 


That wraps up the first #best901pizza search. Dine01 will be doing more search for Memphis best foods coming up in the near future. Tell us your thoughts on this search by commenting in the section below.