Phillip Ashley's Spectrum Series - Taste of Memphis

I say often that I love food and that certainly is the truth, but I absolutely love chocolate more than any other food! I can't fully express the love affair that I have with chocolate! I just hope chocolate loves me just as much as I love chocolate! 

Now let me introduce you to the man who brings the very best out of chocolate, Chef Phillip Ashley Rix also known as the Willy Wonka of Memphis. Yes you read that correctly. Willy Wonka! Mr. Ashley left his corporate job and pursued his dream of becoming a chocolatier, and the world is much better because of that extreme career change. 

Phillip Ashley takes chocolates to the next level. Blending unorthodox ingredients such as sweet potatoes, whiskey, even bleu cheese with a wild range of chocolates, all presented in a package that's more like art than something you should be eating. The chocolate simply looks amazing and each has it's own distinct name and personality. 

That brings me to the Spectrum Series by Phillip Ashley. This 4 event series features chocolate tastings paired with a featured spirit. The first of this series was Taste of Memphis, which also paid homage to Memphis in May and it's honored country of Canada with a maple leaf shaped chocolate! The Taste of Memphis event brought Memphis inspired samples from Memphis BBQ infused and banana pudding blended chocolates paired with samples from Pyramid Vodka and High Cotton Brewery. Seriously, who thinks to put BBQ sauce with chocolate? In spite of the odd combination, this crazed wizardry comes together beautifully. 

As you can see, the chocolates are just way too pretty to eat! I wanted to admire them the entire time, but the visuals are only half of the madness behind Phillip Ashley's confectionery masterpieces. A bite into these little chocolate morsels and your taste buds will simply explode! I never thought that chocolate and sweet potatoes could go together so well! You seriously have to check out all that Phillip Ashley has to offer over at  

You can also go check out the store located at 798 South Cooper in Midtown Memphis. The store is open to the the public Thursday through Saturday. Also, if you buy chocolates, bring your container back to get 10% off! Who doesn't like to recycle or to save! Phillip Ashley also has Vegan options as well! See, something for everyone! 

Without further ado, here are some pictures from the Taste of Memphis event. I really enjoyed the event and I highly encourage you to check out the Spectrum series. Click HERE for more details on the next event, Tequila Sunset! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.