Five places to find great seafood for a leaner summer diet

Doug Gillon - Guest Author

We're known for chicken and barbecue, but the Bluff City has some pretty solid seafood game as well. If you're looking to make a commitment to eat healthier this month, take the healthy heart pledge at and join the Seafood Nutrition Partnership in their effort to make Memphis a healthier city. Here’s some of our favorites spots in Memphis!

1) Shrimp & Grits: Felicia Suzanne’s – 80 Monroe Avenue

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This is one dish chef Felicia Willet has said she can never take off the menu or there might be a revolt. The downtown restaurant’s version is served with wild gulf shrimp and Andouille sausage sautéed in a creole sauce over a crispy delta grind stone ground grit cake. Just like Felicia Suzanne's, it’s high society, Southern Style.

2) Char-Gilled Oysters: Pearl’s Oyster House – 299 South Main Street

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All the oyster flavors at Pearl’s are pretty special, but the signature char-grilled variety has to be the best. These fat, fresh oysters are topped with chipotle butter and Parmesean cheese and served on a bed of salt with crackers and lemon. 

3) Catfish Plate: A & J’s Catfish Station – 5950 Knight Arnold Road

The bluff city does not hurt for quality fried catfish, this is true. But A & J’s Catfish Station in Hickory Hill is one of the places that’s worth the extra mile or two to enjoy. The homemade tartar sauce makes this meal complete.

4) Crab Legs: Half Shell – 688 South Mendenhall

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You almost can’t have a seafood list from Memphis without including Half Shell. This place has won awards for more than 40 years, and will probably be winning a lot more in the future. My favorite place in town to get crab legs.

5) Shrimp Creole: Déjà Vu: 51 S Main Street

Memphis got lucky when Gary Williams decided to cook in the bluff city, because he brought all the gulf flavor with him. Salmon, Catfish and Tilapia can all be ordered fried, grilled or blackened, but, to me, the Shrimp Creole is the hidden gem of the menu.