Rizzo's Big Announcement!

I was recently invited out to Rizzo's by Michael Patrick the other day for an announcement for family and friends. I was pretty certain I was on the family list because Chef Michael and I bear a striking resemblance! It's truly uncanny! 

Don't we look alike a little?

I just want to say that, the food at this event was amazing! Everything was great and cooked perfectly! I must say, chefs tend to throw the best parties if you're after food like myself!

So what was the big announcement? Well, Rizzo's by Michael Patrick will have new menu items, new lunch hours and also be venturing into the catering business! That's really big news! I'm so proud of Chef Michael and I can't wait to try the new menu items! He did say the lobster pronto pup is here to stay! Thank goodness because there would have been rioting in the streets of downtown Memphis! 

Also, an epic thing happened while at Rizzo's! I met the real life Jack Pirtle! I so love Jack Pirtle's chicken! I grew up eating it and there's something about that gravy! It's literally like crack and I'm addicted, but I'm totally not ashamed to admit that. 

I got to meet him and his lovely wife, Tawanda Pirtle. They were really nice and funny people. I think I was rambling and probably made a fool of myself, but it was amazing to meet Mr Pirtle. It was the first time I was ever star-struck. 

All I really need to know is whether or not I get lifelong 2 piece combo privileges! HAHA. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.