Privilege Music Fest

While food is normally my first love, Music is a close second. How can it not be? I was born and raised in Memphis, so music is engrained into my soul. Now, I can't technically hold a note or hit a high note, at least not outside of my shower, but I do know good music when I hear it. It's easy to hear good music in Memphis because it's literally everywhere! 

When my good friend, Jamal Whitlow, who's the president and CEO of Privileged Memphis, hit me up about a music fest he had coming up featuring local talent, I was instantly hooked. I knew this event would be good, because I've been to a Privileged event and it was really nice and well organized. 

Jamal Whitlow

The Privileged Music Fest was held at historic Handy Park on Beale Street. The perfect setting for a first run at a Memphis festival, which has housed some of the best talent over the years. The festival was hosted by radio personality, Ena Esco, and Bruno Mars band member, Kameron Whalum.

Esa Esco and Kameron Whalum

I really enjoyed the festival and loved that it featured diverse talent. Memphis is a city that's still held back at times by the past racial tensions, so it's good to see the diversity of Memphis talent on display. Also, regardless of your race, people know good music. as long as it's good, nothing else even matters. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.