Milwaukee in Photos: Round 2

My first day in Milwaukee was mainly filled with me getting to my hotel, unpacking and relaxing. I did take a walk around downtown and snapped a few pictures. You can check those out HERE. My second and third days were filled with seeing some of the attractions of the city. 

Can you guess who these guys are?

My first stop was a tour to Wisconsin's third largest craft brewery, Lakefront Brewery. I found their tour on their website and decided it was the place for me to be. I sampled their River West Amber Lager, Smash (Single Malt and Single Hop) Ale, and the Fuel Cafe, which is an organic coffee stout. They were all great but the River West has me scouring to see where I can get it in Tennessee. 

The tour was really cool and the tour guide was one of the best I've ever had. It was capped off by singing of a song from LaVerne and Shirley! The Brew Hall was huge and the building is a renovated former electricity plant from 1908. I got 4 tokens for 4 beers and it only cost $5! Not a bad deal at all!

The cool thing about being housed in a former power plant is that you're normally close to a river. Lakefront Brewery took advantage of this and created one of the coolest and most relaxing patios I've ever had a beer on. I sat there until they kicked me out!

Miller Park

Tuesday I decided I would go check out the Milwaukee Brewers play the LA Dodgers at Miller Park. I've been to a handful of ballparks, but this one was truly impressive. It occupies a lot that's sort of out in the middle of nowhere and it dominates the view when driving on the highway. It's truly impressive. It's one of the biggest stadiums I've ever been to and it was packed!!

The Brewers lost 6-5, but it was a good game. Baseball seems more exciting and enjoyable when you are actually at the ball park. I was glad I got good seats and the food was very good. I got a beer, Italian sausage and cheese fries for $18. Not the worst I've ever paid at a ballpark. 

That concludes days 2 and 3. Stay tuned because tomorrow I take a trip to Chicago for a White Sox game!!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.