HM Dessert Lounge - Review

Maddy and Chef Fran

I recently went to check out the only dessert bar in Memphis, HM Dessert Lounge. I took my daughter Maddy along because kids know dessert and I can trust Maddy to be completely honest with absolutely no filter. 

I was previously introduced to HM Dessert Lounge during Memphis Black Restaurant Week and I was very impressed by the decor and the entrees. You can check out that review that I did with Justin Harrison of Dine01 HERE

The Interior

Ok, let's be honest here. I was completely sold when I saw the Purple Rain tribute! I'm the biggest Prince fan ever! HM Dessert Lounge is more of an experience than it is an eating establishment. From the local artwork decorating the walls to the catwalk that also serves as a dining table as well, this place screams chic and originality. 

The Mains

Going by name only, you would assume that HM Dessert Lounge is only about dessert. You would be completely wrong! Chef Fran also whips up some of the best foods in Memphis in an attractive way. They have recently have switched the menu up and now will feature another first in Memphis, a dedicated chicken and waffles eatery. 

I saw the new menu and I knew that I had to have the smothered chicken and cornbread waffle. I also had a side of collard greens. Let's talk about the smothered chicken for a minute. That gravy though!! Wow! The gravy was everything! It was probably the best I've ever tasted! (I love you mom and your delicious gravy!) After ordering, I instantly regretted not getting the chicken tenders instead of the chicken wings. They would have made for a more enjoyable experience. 

I loved the collard greens! Here's a little secret about me....I absolutely hate greens! Everyone who knows me knows this. I don't know what Chef Fran has done to me, but I love these collard greens. Soaked in chicken broth and then sautéed with onion and garlic! A great taste with great health benefits!

Fried Chicken and Pancake waffle

Maddy had the more traditional fried chicken tenders with pancake waffle, which she thought was pretty good. Her only request was for more syrup, but what kid doesn't love sugar?  


The Dessert

Ok this is the moment we've all been waiting for and Maddy's favorite part of the day. There aren't many words I can use for the desserts because the pictures will tell you everything you need to know! Trust me on this one. 

See what I was talking about? Maddy had the Chocolate Temptation and she never came up for air while eating it. It's a warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Heath bar pieces. I had the Strawberry Temptation. It is a strawberry brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries. There are no words to describe them effectively. You just have to go an experience them yourself to fully understand my lack of words. 

I would highly recommend HM Lounge for anyone looking for a different dining experience in Memphis. From the cool vibe you get walking in the door all the way to the fantastic desserts, HM Dessert Lounge should definitely be on everyone's list of must try establishments. Also, you can BYOB! HM Dessert Lounge also has a great weekend brunch buffet. Go check out HM Dessert Lounge and tell Chef Fran One901 sent you!

I also wanted to mention the great service we got from HM Dessert Lounge. There's long been the misconception that you will get terrible service at black owned businesses and that's far from the truth. They were very accommodating and even prepared Maddy a kids portion of the meal, which was much appreciated because she wouldn't have been able to eat it all by herself. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.