#blacklivesmatter in Memphis

I'm so very proud of Memphis for the peaceful protests that took place in response to police brutality across the country. Memphians have shown the entire country what can be accomplished when we all work together. I personally would like to extend my greatest respect to interim police director Mike Rallings for showing up to the rally and listening to the concerns of the citizens.  

Today I would like to share some photos from the protests from some of my favorite Memphis photographers that captured the moments. I love each and every one of these photos and I had to share them. They say pictures say a thousand words and these say a million! 

Click pictures for full screen Hi-res version. 

Brandon Williams (IG: @b_will_made_it)

Jarvis Hues (IG: @jarvishues)

RJ (IG: @filtered_focus

Definitely go check out these guys Instagram pages for more amazing work! 

I also got a chance to go by the townhall meeting held at Greater Imani Church in the Raleigh neighborhood.  The turn out was amazing and Memphis again proved that it can become organized and stand behind a cause. 

Protestor outside townhall meeting  

Protestor outside townhall meeting  

Again, I'm so proud of the city of Memphis for showing that you can get your point across while protesting peacefully. Thanks again to interim Director Mike Rallings and to the Memphis Police Department for showing compassion and restraint as well. I hope this shows the rest of the country how a city, labeled as one of the most dangerous in the nation, can rally together peacefully and effectively. I also hopes this starts more action for change and not just more words. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.