Living Life 430 feet in the Air!

So I kinda take pictures. I'm actually fairly decent at taking pictures as well. I normally shoot either my Sony alpha 5100 mirrorless, but from time to time, I will whip out the iPhone 6 to get a shot. I never really wanted to be a photographer, but I've developed a love for it and a desire to learn everything that I can. That desire has led me to be a part of a really cool photographers group. 

The first rule about photography group is to not talk about photography group

Now you know more than you should and I may very well be shunned. Before that happens, I just wanted to share some pictures of the latest adventure we went on. it took place about 36 flight's of stairs up and 40 stories on top of a skyscraper. The official height is 430 ft according to Google. 

The view is amazing up here!

Amazing view right? Oh trust me, it gets better from here!

And then something truly amazing happened! A moment that caught everyone's eye. 

A Rainbow!!

There's just something about rainbows that gets everyone's attention. People always stop and stare at them. They're just so amazing. 

Enter the hula hoop dancers!! 

I had a great time on the rooftop and I learned a great deal from the other photographers. I can't wait until the next adventure! Get out there and explore this great city and do a little living! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.