Yes you read that title correctly! Memphis got yet another festival, but this one is major! What's not to love about the Caribbean culture, music and food? I mean it's jerk chicken for crying out loud!! I've had all kinds of chicken, but I prefer my bird to be a bit of a jerk! See what I did there? 

View from Broad Ave

Memphis is definitely the city of festivals and this adds to a list of very established and iconic fests. It was well received because Memphis does have a nice Caribbean population and also a love for reggae music. And the music was everything! The rhythm and the easy vibes with powerful messages just ignites your soul! 

But what's a Caribbean Jerk Festival without Caribbean food? Nothing! I was in food overload! Walking onto Broad Ave was the best walk ever! The smells of food was intoxicating! Can i get that in a scented candle or a car air freshener? Who should I call for the jerk chicken scent?

The turn out the this festival was great! One thing I can say about Memphis and that's that we will go to a festival...especially when it involves food and music! The crowd was probably the highlight for me because they were extremely friendly and didn't mind the camera. They all had a certain swag about them that was very appealing. 

Ran into reporter Jerica Phillips!!

Please tell me this is not the cutest kid you've ever seen!!! I had to give this little lady her own little shoot!

I really enjoyed the festival and I can't wait until next year because I know it will be even bigger and better. My only suggestion would be to make sure you're properly was crazy hot out there! I literally sweated through my shirt and chinos! Memphis heat is currently undefeated lol. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.