Why You Should Never Miss Naturals in the City!

Its been almost a week and we still have a ton of awesome photos from the 5th annual Naturals in the City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo. We at ONE901 decided we couldn’t just leave them all in the archives! There’s just too much awesomeness to leave unseen! (yes, I’ve decided that awesomeness is indeed a word). So here’s another recap of the amazing event through a fashion and beauty lens!

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell the readers that I worked triple duty at NITC5. I hold a position with the event as Beauty Director, I am the events personal makeup artists for all celebrity guests, as well as vendor. So I may be a little bit impartial. However, I’m always honest plus I’m an Aries which means I’m pretty much always right so its all good. ☺

First up, my director, and founder of NITC, Mrs. Takesha Berry-Brooks

Mrs Takesha Berry-Brooks

Photo by Arekah the Goddess

Having worked this event almost every year since it’s beginning, I know first hand how difficult it is to put on an expo of this magnitude. Well, this Memphis native has done the work. And she’s done it in heels, a skirt, AND FULL MAKEUP! Managing an event with this many working parts deserves a round of applause. Managing to carve out 17.5 seconds to go full glam while an entire convention center worth of people are calling your name deserves a standing ovation. I don’t even look this pulled together at work. And I don’t let people talk to me before 10am. Just saying.


If I had to find a word or phrase to describe the over feel and mood of the event; it would probably be “whoever/whatever you are, you’re welcome here.” There where flat shoes, high heels, strappy sandals, sundress, jeans, relaxed hair, afros, braids, coils, twists, African American, Caucasians, men and women. Everyone was truly just free, networking and connecting and it showed.

Now about that Fashion Show!!


I had my eye laser focused on that Aztec print dress, and those white jeans, and….you see where this is going. Pieces for the show where provided by The Dean of Fashion boutique, Khadims, and Tanganika by Tangie. Shop local and support these amazing boutiques and designers.

Dean of Fashion 

Khadims Gueye Fashions

Tanganyika by Tangie

Now what really melts my heart was the kid’s fashion show. Children modeling, trying to pose, and rip a runway is always the most adorable thing EVAHHH! This was no exception.

Good. Lord. The. CUTENESS!!!

The Naturals in the City Expo was a huge success. I don’t think anyone who attended would disagree. The atmosphere was great, the vendors where eclectic and interesting. All the workshops drew great crowds. Plus the cuteness overload of that kids fashion show for the win! Takesha Berry-Brooks has a winner on her hands and something she can be truly proud of. Make sure to look up her event and support her, the vendors, and these uber adorable kids every summer. NITC is a great look for our great city.


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