REVIEW- Scoops Parlor

Ever wonder where you can get some great ice cream along with some very delicious filled crepes? Well, look no further than South Main's newest gem, Scoops Parlor!! 

Lets be honest, it gets hot in Memphis. Ok, hot is an understatement. Memphis in the summer can feel like the sun is only 3 feet away. There's only so much you can do besides crawl into a deep freezer and wait for the sun to go down or you can do something a bit more civilized and head to Scoops Parlor.  Really who doesn't like ice cream? 

For a kid, this is the most amazing view ever! 

For a kid, this is the most amazing view ever! 

Scoops isnt only about great gelato, shoutout to the Mango, they also offer some amazing filled crepes. We are going to get to that in a minute. First, I want to tell you a little about Scoops and how it all started. 

My expert dessert assistant

My expert dessert assistant

We eat ice cream year round and we saw that there wasn’t a place on South Main for ice cream. We also met each other on South Main during Trolley Night.
— QuaSheba Callicut

Located in the historic South Main district of Downtown Memphis, Scoops Parlor is at 106 GE Patterson. Started by the duo of Terance and QuaSheba Callicutt, Scoops officially opened its doors in Februray of this year. Because I'm inquisitive (nosy if you're rude), I asked why an ice cream parlor and why South Main? The response was golden!

Ok let's get back to those crepes! I didn't forget about those at all! Now I've been to Scoops before, but I've only had the gelato. They have a Brown Sugar Blueberry flavor that I'm just madly in love with. Seriously, i tried to propose, but it just melted...I assume that was a no lol.  

I loved the Beale St crepe! It was amazingly good! It's hamburger with cheese, tomatoes, spinach and pickles then topped with even more cheese! All the flavors come together very nicely and the presentation is also great. This is one that you must try! I got to see the South Main being made and I will definitely be going by to get one for myself very soon! The South Main crepe features chicken, bacon and ranch.

You can check out Scoops Parlor's full menu HERE

Tyrone Callcutt working his magic!

Tennessee Whiskey gelato

Before I left, I had to try one of the best selling items, the Tennessee Whiskey flavored gelato! It was also great and I definitely can see why it's a best seller! Whiskey ain't so bad on a hot day either! They also have a Red Wine sorbet that I hear is also a hit. 

My next trip to Scoops Parlor will have to be an all day event because I want to try the Pizza crepe as well as the blueberry cobbler crepe! They also are featuring a Build Your Own Float and have a new patio opening in the next few weeks! The patio area will be available for rent and sounds like the perfect place for a party! Hint hint parents!

Scoops was awesome and I encourage you to go and try this local spot that's owned by local Memphians! Maddy loved it so it's kid certified! There's something for everyone as they offer options for those that don't eat meat as well. Also, everything is very reasonably priced so take the whole family and enjoy an afternoon on South Main with some cold gelato or an amazing filled crepe! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.