4th of July Fireworks in Pictures!

The 4th of July! America's birthday! The premiere holiday of the summer that brings families, BBQ, and fireworks all together! It's no different for my family and I, though ours includes volleyball. We used to play kickball until someone, cough cough Kelly, accidentally hit grandma with a ball and kickball was banned. 

I've always loved seeing pictures of fireworks and this year I decided I would use my fancy camera to try to capture some moments. Here's the first day of shots using settings I acquired from my expert Googling abilities. 

(Click each for a larger image)

Not exactly the greatest, but kinda serviceable maybe? So I get a Facebook message from my good buddy Blake Billings that there's a meet up on the 4th on top of the Exchange Building. I've always wanted to go on a rooftop and take pictures, but never had access. This was epic level stuff and I had to go!

I met some of the best photographers in the city up there. They all had their cool pro level gear and some even had models! I was there with my little Sony a5100 mirrorless like I belonged! After a few tips from the pros, here's what I got!

(Click each for a larger image)

Those came out much better! Better than I could have ever imagined! It was an amazing experience and I can't wait for the next rooftop adventure! It's cool that these real photographers actually like my work! That always takes me by surprise. 

Views from the 901!

RJ (@filtered_focus) and Ryan Haskett (@ryanthemind_)

What a view!!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.