Food Trucks at Court Square

Every Thursday, between 11-2, a truly magical thing happens in downtown Memphis. It's literally on par with my insane love for Taco Tuesday. That truly amazing thing is the Food Truck Rodeo at Court Square! 

All photos taken by me with my Sony a5100 and Sigma 19mm lens. 

walking to Court Square from Main St. 

It's the best! Some of my favorites are always in attendance and there's literally something for everyone! You can have sushi at Sushi Jimmi's, you can have BBQ from Central BBQ, you can have great sandwiches from Food Geek, chicken and waffles from Waffle Mania, tacos from El Mero Taco. The list goes on and on!  

I decided to take my talents to Rawk n' Grub food truck to try the Bat out of Hell. 

 Rawk n' Grub food truck

Bat Out of Hell

The Bat out of Hell was spicy but great! They were a lot bigger than I expected and I didn't get to finish all my fries. It's two meatloaf patties with spicy cole slaw and jalapeño ketchup. it's very very good, but get some water!!

The other cool thing about Court Square on Thursday is the entertainment. Normally, there is music playing but this time there were dancers!!

So if you're in the downtown area on Thursday around lunch time, do yourself a favor and head over to Court Square and support local Memphis businesses! I will more than likely see you there!

Life is for Living,

Michael B.  

Great lunch picnic idea!!

Bring the 4 legged friends as well!

I always run into someone I know on Thursday! Hey Tanja!!