Taco Tuesday on Main St

So yesterday was Taco Tuesday!!! My favorite day of the week!! Or is it Margarita/Martini Monday or Sunday Funday? Well, it's one of my favorite days of the week.  

Anyways, I try to get to a different Mexican restaurant each Tuesday but lately I've been slacking. Last night, I took my talents to Maciel's on Main Street.  

Oh how I love Main St at night!! 


I couldn't make up my mind on which tacos I wanted, so I went with the mix and match of 3 fried tacos. Choosing 3 proved to be hard as well, but I think I pulled it out like a champ!  

Garlic shrimp, steak & spicy chicken tacos

Garlic shrimp, steak & spicy chicken tacos

Next up was one of my favorite spots in Memphis, DeJaVu. I know I know, it's not in line with Taco Tuesdays, but I wanted dessert. Chef Gary Williams has a fantastic bread pudding that I had to have.  

New Orleans Bread Pudding  

New Orleans Bread Pudding  

It was great as always, but I do have 2 small complaints. First, I wish I had ordered another and I wish it came with a pillow!  

Well that concludes my Taco Tuesday. How did you spend your Taco Tuesday? Drop a comment and let me know.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

I also snapped a few pics while downtown as well.