The Amazing World of Bounce Flash

Photography has become a real hobby for me lately. I never intended to become a photographer initially. I bought my camera because I wanted better pictures on the blog and I didn't have the money to pay anyone.  

Some 9 months later and I've become quite the shutter bug. I love experimenting and trying new techniques. My latest is the art of bounching flash.  



It's essentially bounching flash off of something to get softer, more natural lighting. The results are amazing! I won't bore you with the technical lingo of it all, but the technique really works. 

I bounced the flash behind me to create more fill flash. Now, the ceilings were white and low so the results vary based on the environment, but I at least no what I can do inside a house.  

Also, my mom's dogs or Petey are always my test subjects on new techniques. So pet lovers enjoy!!   

All pictures taken with these settings:  

f2.8 1/80 sec 800 ISO flash manually set to 1/32 


So there you have it. Bounce flash is real! I can now incorporate this into more shoots in the future. I was always anti-flash, but now I'm a bit more open to the possibilities of it. 

Some none pet examples:  

Boris, picture taken in a pitch black room.  

Boris, picture taken in a pitch black room.  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.