As you know, lunch is my favorite part of the day and I try my hardest to visit a different local spot. I had a meeting with the CEO and creative director of Privileged Memphis, Jamal Whitlow. 

If you don't know about Privilieged Memphis, you're missing out. Its a social group that gives back to the Memphis community and also parties. They sold me at parties lol. 


So back to lunch. I have been wanting a nice greasy burger for a while and there aren't  many that satisfy that more than Dyer's on Beale. Now I've always heard that they use the same grease each day. I need to further research it, but it's a damn good burger. 



The meeting went extremely well and we couldn't get out of there without a waitress telling us we needed to relax and enjoy our lunch. She saw each of us on our phones sending off emails and I had my laptop on the table. This is exactly something my mom would tell me, so I know it came from a good heart. 


Once we finally stopped working, we could enjoy the greasy delicacy that is Dyer's. It was a great lunch. I wish we had time to sneak into Wet Willies for a quick drink, but we each had to get back to work. 


Great weather, great lunch, and great people. Can't really ask for much more. Well a couple million would be nice! I would buy more food! Be on the lookout for a huge announcement from Privileged Memphis on Monday.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.