Little Ears on Broad Ave

      My daughter, Maddy, has this coat and for the life of me I can't figure out what animal it's supposed to be. I don't think she knows either. It's got these little ears and spots all over it. It's the most confusing thing I've ever seen. So much so that my friend Elizabeth and I had a little debate about what exactly it could be. We also took the chance to break out our cameras and capture this controversial coat on Broad Ave. 

The coat in question

The coat in question

      As you can see, this coat can go a lot of different ways. The ears are like a teddy bear but the spots are maybe like a giraffe or baby deer. It doesn't add up to me. It's a great conversation piece.  Maybe it's a jaguar. I'm so confused about that coat, but one thing we agreed on is the ears make the coat insanely cute. 

Elizabeth Ennis  

Elizabeth Ennis  

photo cred: Elizabeth Ennis

      Armed with our cameras and wide angle lenses, we were off to Broad Street! I must admit that I had to bribe Maddy with candy, cake and roller skating to get her to go along with this. She's not as into having her picture taken as some kids might be. I have to catch her in the moment or bribe her.  

21 and Up!

photo credit: Elizabeth Ennis

Photo cred: Elizabeth Ennis

        There were also really neat and unique items along Broad. There's always some little thing you'll find that stands out. I love how off the path that Broad Street is. It's kind of in the middle of 2 pretty sketchy parts of town. It's like a cool oasis of sorts.        

      It was a great day. We did some walking and talking. Got some great shots. Had cake, taco soup and a bacon cheeseburger at Broadway pizza. We even managed to get a cool sunset pic. Go check out Broad Ave and visit some of the cool shops, restaurants, and the wicked cool water tower!

Shot with iPhone 7

      Not sure where our next adventure will take us. Any suggestions on where we should go? Maddy's only requirements are cake and/or ice cream. 

Life is for Little Ears,

Michael B. 

spoiled rotten by everyone she meets