Things To Do: Paula and Raifords Disco

       Have you ever wanted to go out and just let loose and party? I'm not talking about going out to sit, but actually party. I used to be on the club scene in my younger days, but they all felt pretty much the same. People get dressed up to go out and basically sit around. I got the feeling it was more about what I was wearing than anything else. Doesn't sound fun at all. 

      What if I told you there was a place in Memphis where you could avoid that feeling? Would you believe it? Well, there is!! It's Paula and Raifords Disco!! This place is totally not a fashion show. It's just a party, plain and simple. I have zero rhythm and I feel totally comfortable at Paula and Raifords dancing the night away!

Dance floor  

Dance floor  

      This place is electric! You get a mix of pop, rock, 80s, and other dance party essentials served up by eclectic DJ Raiford. There's just something about hearing "Don't Stop Believing" that does something to me. Followed by Prince and Michael Jackson with a sprinkling of Nelly. You get all this in a place that takes you back to the 80's with white leather couches and a dance floor that lights up! Please tell me that's not the epitome of cool! Also there's a drum set that it open for anyone, but please try to stay on beat. There are also stripper poles on the dance floor.....

      A couple tips to maximize your trip to Paula and Raifords.

  1. The best night to go is Saturday. The line to get in can get pretty long. 
  2. Be prepared to be social! The partygoers are usually very friendly and talkative!
  3. The music is insanely loud! Some wear earplugs. 
  4. They serve 32 oz beer bottles....get this! 
  5. Don't hog the drums! Everyone wants to jam out!
  6. It's crowded. Be prepared to have someone bump into you. Chill and enjoy the experience. 


One must double cup!!

      Go and check out Paula and Raifords! Say hey to Paula, Raiford, Corey Hollywood and Keisha  for me! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.