Attack of the Giant Bunnies

        Saying the art scene in Memphis is booming is putting it extremely lightly. It's exploded recently into more of a norm as opposed to being a niche crowd. More Memphians are getting out and experiencing the works both works renowned and local artists. 

         I really like the type of art that gets people out and active. I'm not sure what type of art this is called. Maybe it's called public art. I really enjoyed the Big Red Ball Project from last fall and now Memphis Brooks Musuem of Art has a new exhibit called Intrude!  


       Yes! Rabbits! Giant rabbits! I never thought I would get excited about seeing rabbits, but there's something about a giant rabbit that gets me out the house. Artist Amanda Parer brings her bunny take over to the Bluff City from Jan 18- 29, so you still have some time to experience it. 

Its eating the museum!! 

Its eating the museum!! 

Lucky rabbit foot  

Lucky rabbit foot  

        I think this would be a great exhibit for families as well. The kids get to run around and see some big rabbits and the best part is that it's free! Also the Memphis Zoo is nearby so you could make a day if it on the weekend. The times of the exhibit are 10am through 8pm, because bunnies have to sleep of course.  


       This could also be a pretty cool and cost effective date idea as'll get brownie points for creativity fellas!  

Also, Brooks Museum has a cool social media contest going on. Follow @brooksmuseum on Instagram and use #brooksmuseumbunnies. Take some dope pics and the winner will be announced each day at noon. 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B