It's 2017!! A time when you hear "New Year, New Me" and for about a month everyone will still write 2016 mistakenly. There's something wonderful about the new year. It's somewhat magical. New beginnings give us all hope and release is from the bull crap from the past.  

      2017 will be a big year for me personally.  Yes, I hope this little blog becomes more successful and of course I hope to take dope pictures, but there's something even bigger in the works for me.  

      If you know me on a personal level or follow my @mikeychalupa personal IG page, then you would know there's a special lady in my life. She's my world. I would blow everything up if she asked for it. To kill the suspense, I'm talking about my daughter; Maddy Pattymelt.  

Our first New Years party together  

Our first New Years party together  

     This year was the first that we've been able to spend New Years together. She has recently relocated back to Memphis from Houston and it's the happiest I've ever been. All the adventures and shenanigans we will get into will be epic. She's sort of a carbon copy of myself. 

She fully supports my randomness  

She fully supports my randomness  

    I've made the resolution to become a better father. Not that I haven't done a semi decent job as of now, but when she's only here for the summers and breaks, it's hard to do as much as you would like. Parenting via FaceTime is not exactly ideal. Imagine having to discipline someone from 10 hours away on a set time schedule. Yeah it totally sucks. 

     Now, the game has changed! The tables have turned! So I will have the privilege of being an even more active father. I'm super excited about taking her lunch one day and making the other kids jealous because I brought her Chik-Fil-A! Yes, I've dreamt of this and it will be a glorious day for her. They will all cheer her name and carry her to recess on their shoulders!.  

    Well, that's my resolution for the new year. What's yours? Do you remember what your 2016 resolutions was? Did you complete it? Drop a comment and let me know. I love reading comments. Also please subscribe. I will be giving away prizes randomly this year. 

Life is Maddy,

Michael B.  


Here are a few pics from our Kroger trip.