3 Quick Thoughts on the Now Infamous Dove Ad

Oh Dove, maker of great soaps, has found itself in the latest of social media outrage. If you’ve been unplugged from the social media world, which is probably a great thing these days, then you might be lost. Well, Dove ran a 3 second ad showing women taking off their shirts and turning into a different woman of a different race.


Seems harmless on the surface level, but these days people are a bit more sensitive and someone created a different snippet of the ad that went viral. Here’s the created ad:


So there you have it. It is being called racist. I would have to admit if I were only to see the second picture of the black woman turning white that I would feel a way as well. That’s the issue. Many didn’t actually see the real 3 second clip. They only saw the created image above and were outraged. The power of social media is insane these days. So here’s my quick thoughts. 

1. Never fully trust everything on social media.  

We all know anything can be created online. Literally anything. Knowing that, anyone with any agenda can create any scenario. I always fact check each and every link or article I’m sent. There are lots of fake news sites out there.  

2. The race card can’t be used all the time.  

Do I think the ad was racist? Not really. I think it might have not been the best ad to run at this moment, but I didn’t get a racist vibe from it. That’s the thing about ads. The consumer can interpret them in any way. Dove probably had good intentions, but it was just poorly executed.  

3.  This is not the end of the world for Dove 

There are some calling for a boycott of Dove and their products, but I’m not sure how successful they will be. I can only speak for myself but I like Dove for Men soap. I’m willing to try a different soap but I wouldn’t personally boycott a company over a dumb ad. 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.