Riverboating on the Mississippi!

One of my earliest childhood memories was riding a riverboat with my family. I was probably about 5 and my sisters and I were dressed similar. My dad also had a jheri curl and my mom had a red headband on Andre Agassi style, but that’s a story for another day! I do remember how scared I was to get on the boat, but my parents basically made us go. 

So naturally, I decided to put my own kid through the same horror! I took her on a ride on the Memphis Queen and boy was she afraid! This ride is an annual thing for the Downtown Neighborhood Association, so we decided to crash. 


Well Maddy was not the least bit afraid. She was mesmerized by the paddle wheel. I don’t think she was out of eyesight of it the entire trip. It was a great experience nevertheless. She got to ride the riverboat for the first time while meeting some really nice people in the Downtown Neighborhood Association.  

Have you ever been on a riverboat? Have a funny story? Drop a comment and tell me about it!  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.