After days and days of begging and using her highly effective sad eyes on me, I agreed to help my daughter in the manufacturing of slime. Slime has come a long way since I was a kid btw. I remember the old Nickelodeon days when green slime was poured over kids. I remember watching those shows and thinking that was pretty awesome, but as an adult I’m thinking how big of a mess this will leave in the house. When did I become my parents?  

          We survived our trip to Walmart for our supplies, which weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I spent maybe $20 total on glue, shaving cream, food coloring, contact solution, and candy for Maddy. Yes, I was suckered more than once.  

           Back in our make shift lab, we made our slime and I learned a few things beyond how to ruin a few Tupperware containers.  

Lesson #1

        Ok let’s get this out the way first. The production of slime is messy. Not crazy insane messy, but have plenty paper towels on hand. Keep the science lab on a surface you can wipe clean easily. You’ve been warned! 

Lesson #2

         Maddy is 9 and way smarter than I give her credit for. No, I have never thought she wasn’t smart. She’s only made one "B" her whole life and she totally freaked out about that. That’s one temper tantrum I don’t mind. She told me a story about her having an issue with a classmate. I swore this was a high school drama. All I heard was how someone was shady and petty. So now I know she’s very aware of all things that are said and can apply them to her own situations. 

Lesson #3

           Maddy is 9, but I still see her as a 3 year old. I don’t want her to grow up! Oh it kills me to see her growing up! She will be 10 in February! She reminded me several times that she’s not a baby anymore. She’s still my baby though! She wants her independence and I have to release some of my parental caution and allow her to explore and experience life. Tomorrow I start production on a time machine so I can always have her as my baby.  

Lesson #4

         Maddy has a training bra!! No!! My little girl is becoming a little woman! OMG OMG OMG! Hurry up time machine plans! This might be a good feels moment for moms, but for dads this is the moment we fear. See we know what’s lurking around the corner; boys and the other thing we never speak of....... but mainly BOYS. I knew at the moment I need to make sure my gun license was up to date. I might have to go into full on Terminator mode and destroy any little boys that come near. I almost body slammed a little boy at her first school dance last year. No I don’t condone beating up a kid.....well if it involves my little princess, I might make an exception lol. 

Lesson #5

          She looks to me for advice and answers. I have to be ready for whatever she asks and answer as honestly as I can. I know when she asks or tells me certain things that I’m supposed to keep them between us to strengthen our bond. I would do the same with my dad and he never spilled the beans. I felt I could go to him about anything and I could trust him with my words. Maddy is doing the same with me. Even though I despise the fact that she likes a boy in her class, I have to not freak out and just allow her to talk and give helpful advice. Inside my heart is slowly breaking because she might one day tell another boy things she won’t tell her father. 

          Who would have thought making slime could also allow me to learn so much about my kid. It was an amazing moment and memory that I will cherish forever. My little girl is growing up and I am slowly accepting that. As long as I’m there to guide and not push, listen and not judge, and be kind and not harsh, she will be just fine. All I need now is a foolproof way to eliminate boys! 


Here's a video of us making slime!!

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.