A guy and his motorcycle

I was exploring the Cooper Young area the other day when I can across a really cool vintage motorcycle. I initially walked past it but something told me to go back and snap a pic of it.  


Pretty cool right? Yeah I’m really into playing with tones now. After snapping a few pics,  the owner comes over and wants to see the pics. He had this cool James Dean type vibe, so I naturally asked if I could take a few pics of him. Epicness followed! 


He was a really cool guy. We did the customary exchange of Instagram names, because real names are played out lol. Go follow @d_a_d_b_o_d. 

All images taken by me with my Sony a7ii with Sony Zeiss 55mm and edited in LR mobile on my iPhone 7, yes I can edit right on my phone in most instances. No presets here!