It's 1-2am and the club/party is over. You get in your car and think, "I wonder where can I get food this late". Well, I've been in this position more times than I care to admit and I will attempt to help you out. Here are my 5 top tipsy dining suggestions.

Disclaimer: This is my list and yours might differ. If you don't like it, it won't hurt my feels.  

1. Waffle House

Come on now. You already knew Waffle House would be first on the list. It's the to go place for late night dining. Waffle House is so clutch. All you really need to know is the All Star special is $7.95. Also, be prepared for a long wait because the staff always rotates. People watching is at a premium. You'll have plenty customers staggering in to observe.

2. Dixie Queen

Mane!! Dixie Queen is super clutch.....if you can stay awake while waiting in the drive thru line. 10 piece lemon pepper, seasoned fries with a lime slush is my go to meal. Get the banana split if you're feeling fancy. The drive thru workers are always the best checkers. If you know anything about Memphis, you know we check. I've always got into epic checking battles at Dixie Queen drive thrus. 

3. Earnestine and Hazel's

Soul Burger bruh! Yes, this simple burger is perfect for soaking up all the remnants from the party. There’s nothing fancy about it. Just a good ole greasy burger. Take a tour upstairs and see why this place is really a Memphis gem. It may or may not be haunted, but you’re tipsy so who cares. You can also grab another beer while you wait lol.

4. McDonalds

Yeah, Yeah I know. It’s McDonalds and you’re probably saying, “That isn’t real food”. You know what? Who cares and who asked? Lol. All I know is your options are limited late at night and McDonald’s drive thru is open late. The Chicken McNuggets are great when a little under the influence as well. I don’t care if they are made from real chickens or not. What I care about is they are delicious! If you find a McDonalds with the milkshake machine in operation, you’ve won the night.

5. Young Ave Deli

Young Ave Deli is open late and has a pretty dang good menu. Not only can you get a pita or pizza, but you can get a beer or cocktail to wash it down. If you’re lucky you might get to see an artist perform. Can’t beat that. If you’re already partying in Midtown, you can just walk on over. Trust me, if you’ve had one or 5 too many, bread will save you!

Honorable Mention: Gibson’s Donuts

Yes! Donuts can be heaven sent late at night. Gibson’s late night is almost like going to another party. A party that has food you actually want. Get the Maple Bacon donut, milk and chill out. The line can get long, but it’s worth the wait.


These are a couple of my go to spots when I’ve been out on the town in Memphis. I've gone to other spots like CKs and IHOP, but not as much. What are some of your favorite tipsy eating spots? Drop a comment and let me know. I am always looking for more places to hit up.

Life is for Living,

Michael B.