Yellow Chair Project Recap

Recently I decided to offer mini sessions featuring a really cool yellow arm chair that I saw at Amurica. The whole concept behind this project was to take candid portraits while having the chair in random locations. Due to the weirdness of Memphis weather, we were forced inside. I decided to move the shoots to Crosstown Concourse, which features some of the best interior natural lighting. Another great thing about Crosstown Concourse is that each corner of each floor is totally different from the rest. Keeping each shoot unique was important. 

Well, I've done way too much talking. Here are some of the images from this project!

I want to thank all those that trusted me to capture these images. They came from all walks of life and some had zero experience in front of a camera. I also had the pleasure of having an assistant for this undertaking and she was simply amazing. I also want to thank Jamie Harmon at Amurica for letting me use his chair for this shoot! You're the greatest!

Life is for Living,

Michael B