Daylight Saving Time. It's supposed to be this grand time that gives us an extra hour to sleep. Sounds great, right? Wrong! It's bogus! It also comes with a penalty. Not only are you gaining an hour of sleep, but also an hour of work! Yes you technically get to leave earlier, but it's another hour with that annoying coworker. Another hour to pretend to be busy. Yay you! 

Not only does it totally suck for work, it also doesn't save any daylight! As soon as you get off and down the highway towards home, it's going to be dark outside. So long walks in the park. See ya evening social life. Enter instant sleep. Did I forget the cooler temps? Yeah congrats on that gift as well.  

So here's to daylight savings time. We toast to you. You jerk!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.