Yeah I know. Pretty clever title to this post. At times I amaze myself.

Ok, if you’ve been anywhere near a TV or social media, then you know the ex wife of Lorenzen Wright, Sherra Wright, was arrested in connection with his murder. The arrest came after Memphis police also arrested Billy Turner in connection with the murder. 

If you followed along the events immediately following the murder of Lorenzen Wright, you were probably pretty suspicious of the ex wife. I think the whole city knew something was odd about her. She just moved a little differently than you might expect. Something was off. Personally, I knew something was up when they found her burning documents at her home in Memphis. Who does that?  

Sherra Wright has recently moved to California and remarried. I wonder if the new husband knew of the murder and if his new wife had any involvement. I feel bad for the guy if he had no clue what went down in Memphis. You never really know who you’re sleeping next to. 

Sherra is still awaiting extradition back to Memphis to face the murder charges. She looked totally different in court than she previously had. I’m not gonna speculate but she had the look of a person realizing she is about to do some serious time. 

The real losers in all this are the kids. They not only lost a father but also are losing their mother right before the holidays. As a divorcee, I know tempers can get heated in arguments, but they should never result in physical violence. It’s just a terrible situation overall. I hope the entire Wright family gets the closure they need and there’s justice for Lorenzen Wright. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.